Hello everyone!  We just recorded a few great cover songs: One Way Out, Born in Chicago and The T-Bone Shuffle.   They are all available on  ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby and Amazon.    These are our versions of the songs and our arrangements!  We would appreciate it if you would give it a listen and/or download it for just .99 cents.  It's easy.  Just click the buy button to your favorite music player!  More to follow! Updated 04 19 18

We  set up our new blog.  It is listed in the "Let's Blog" tab on the top of the desktop menu or on the mobile menu on the left of your mobile device.  Let us know what songs you'd like to hear or what your favorite songs we play.  It's wide open.  Looking forward to hearing from our CCBB friends.

 We have started a new page.  It's our "Fan Of  The Month" page.  Want to share your favorite photo? The Crook County Blues Band will carefully select one photo per month, taken by a fan, and post it on our website! All photos displayed on this page are with the permission of the photographer. Please do not send photos taken by anyone other than yourself. If you would like to submit your photos for consideration, please email them, along with your name to: band@crookcountybluesband.com

Everybody loves our T-Shirt's and our name!  We are now selling our Crook County Blues Band T-Shirts for $9.99  and new living room furniture.  Wait, what?  Just seeing if your paying attention.   Just drop us an email at band@crookcountybluesband.com and what size and color you want and we will send one out to you.   We will need your address etc.  Even better,  we can see you at our next show  and hand deliver it to you.   Just let us know. 

For more information on Blues in the Chicago area, Check out Chicago Blues Guide.  They have us on their page under hot shows: